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Without mincing words, when it comes to providing top-notch survey services and adjustments, we have earned our place as one of the best surveyors and adjusters in this part of the world. And this is all thanks to our over 18 years experience in this industry. From 2000 since we commenced operation, we have been delivering impeccable survey services that clients such as WK Webster & Co have been proud of. And because of the value of services we offer, Crawford & Company together with other international customers are continually rooting for our services. 


Our impeccable survey services have made our offices in Kiev and Odessa the one-stop destination for companies and clients' looking for excellent surveyors and loss adjusters. While there are a lot of challenges in this industry, all the experience we have garnered since our inception in 2000 has helped us deal with the challenges that came with the Global downturn. Today our company's operating strategy is to provide value to companies, and clients' looking for excellent surveyors and loss adjusters.




We are committed to providing our clients with quality survey services and this we do through highly experienced in-house surveyors and adjusters. To this end, we use modern approach and excellent servicing to meet the demands our customers, little wonder why our company has earned a huge reputation as one of the best surveyors and adjusters in Ukraine and beyond. And because of our links to top-notch insurance companies and major players in this industry, we have been tagged as one of the internationally recognized surveying and loss adjustment company in Ukraine. Our offices in Kiev and Odessa have always lived up to expectation by providing our customers in these areas with over the top survey and adjustment services.




We believe that our customer should be able to choose an affordable survey and adjustment services that are best suited for them. Consequently, we offer the following levels of services:


•    Damage surveys and risk control inspections during cargo operations 

•    Goods external condition and stowage certification during loading/discharging 

•    Loss prevention and risk mitigation before shipment 

•    Vessels/containers/transport inspections and audits 

•    Hatch cover and confined space surveys (including Ultra Sonic tests) 

•    Subrogation and recovery 

•    Marine Casualty investigation including GA assistance 

•    Non-marine loss adjustment (PD, BI, MB, Liability) 

•    Property (pre-insurance) risk surveys and technical audits

•    Marine (cargo/transport) surveys and loss investigations


In 2008, our company embarked on a managerial structure project that was designed to improve the quality of services we deliver to our customers, consequently, divisions like marine and non-marine where manned by experienced personnel who were under the leadership of a highly experienced chief of operations. Today, our company is more than ever before dedicated to providing you with quality survey and adjustment services. Besides this, we ensure that our customers’ interest comes first before any other thing. If what you want is quality survey and adjustment service you’ll be proud of, you wouldn’t go wrong to join our club.




20 marine trained professionals and 5 loss adjusters

with over 10 years experience


Gennadiy Mazanko International Surveyor and Loss Adjuster
Gennadiy Mazanko
Founder and
Managing Director

Gennadiy is a well-known personality on the insurance market in Ukraine. Being a graduate of the Novorossyisk Maritime Academy he had an intensive seagoing experience as a deck/chief officer until 1995 when he landed to work as Lloyd’s agent in Moscow before moving to Kiev to manage his own company - Inter Tech Services (ITS) Ltd. In 1998 the company was nominated and is acting since as a survey agent for WK Webster & Co in the territory of Ukraine. Gennadiy is an active member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS), London and holds the Cargo Diploma recently upgraded up to the second level. His overall experience of over twenty years in business comprises a wide spectrum of Marine and Insurance surveys including but not limited to total loss and damaged cargo investigation, bulk, break bulk, containerized cargoes inspections. Together with his team, he joined ISA in 2016.

Kirill Pindich Surveyor and Loss Adjuster
Kirill Pindich
Kyiv Office

Kirill holds an engineering diploma from the National Mining University (NMU) specializing in Power Supply Systems. After having obtained his certificate in 2005, he joined Inter Tech Services Ltd starting to work as a cargo surveyor and due to his own skills and determination quickly achieved the senior position in the management of the company.

Kirill is in charge of interaction between companies and representatives inside and outside Ukraine. His experience contains a wide spectrum of marine and non-marine loss adjustment and investigations. He has gained expert levels in all areas of cargo claims on a wide variety of commodities, including but not limited to containerized and refrigerated consignments, perishable goods, personal household effects and pharmaceutical products. Has also conducted salvage operations and implemented various loss mitigation measures working with property damage losses.


Konstantyn Kifa Surveyor and Loss Adjuster
Konstantyn Kifa
Odessa Branch

Marine Cargo Surveyor, Investigator & Consultant - Odessa
Senior surveyor and Manager of Odessa office - Konstantyn is a maritime navigation diploma holder of Odessa National Maritime Academy. He sailed as 3rd and 2nd Deck Officer at bulk carriers of Panamax and Handysize types. After leaving the sea in 2008, Konstantyn has joined Inter Tech Services Ltd to start as a cargo surveyor and today is in charge of the branch office responsible for the southern part of Ukraine including sea/river ports.

During his employment Konstantyn has gained vast experience in the fields of sea and road transport, heavy lift cargoes, chemicals, container inspections, commodities, carrier’s and forwarder’s liability, risk assessment and loss prevention on behalf of both foreign and local insurance companies, insurance brokers, cargo-owners, shippers, forwarders and carriers.

Lada Legina
US Office

Lada is a holder of a diploma in international relations and economy after graduating the National Academy of Economy in the city of Ternopil in Western Ukraine. Having started her career as a private entrepreneur she continued as manager and later co-owner of business dealing with small craft and pleasure yachts which resulted in the great opportunity for us to make her join our team in 2012. Following years of the excellent service, Lada proved her ability in planning and strategic vision of the company’s development. Her communicational skills and knowledge of modern technologies had eventually persuaded us to open our US branch office which is currently operating under Lada’s command in Florida.

Liudmila Stelter​

Liudmila is a graduate of the National Economic University in Kiev. She has proved her exceptional skills and qualities for years after she joined our team in 2008. A very reliable and trustful personality we and our customers enjoy to have on board.